QuickBooks is used by 80% of the business marketplace and is seen as the tool of choice for serious, small business owners, but just because it’s the standard, doesn’t make it 100% user-friendly. As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, I have great relationships with the inside experts, and I stay watchful of changes on their platform, so you don’t have to.

Having a good handle on your money levels allows you to make better, fact-based, and more profitable decisions. Think of me as a 3rd party bookkeeper, a cushion between you and your expensive CPA. My job is to be consistent with daily reviews of your books, enabling speedy detection of financial problems and providing my clients with regular, up-to-date reporting vs. waiting until the end of the year (once opportunities for course correction have been missed).

  • When APS was struggling with rising overhead costs, I helped them identify $500k in savings per year.
  • I also helped position a local nonprofit for growth following a transition from Excel to QuickBooks.
  • Businesses in the following areas are no longer struggling and have a solid grip on their financial status: Attorneys, Professional Consultants, Realtors, Plumbers…and a plethora of other service professionals just like you!

Some of my clients leverage my skills to do their invoicing, or pay their bills, while others want me to categorize expenses and income. Either way, I offer personalized, non-cookie-cutter services and I don’t take my clients’ trust for granted. I know it feels vulnerable to open up your books, so confidentiality is a cornerstone. I make it my business not to scold you, but to guide you to higher profitability based on my expert analysis of your transactions. Direction, not judgment!

Feel free to contact me:

Deb Morgaina
Email: debmorgaina@cox.net
PH: 602.451.7300 (call or text) for more information, or connect with me just because!